Aurela ™ Premium Car Bag
Aurela ™ Premium Car Bag
Aurela ™ Premium Car Bag
Aurela ™ Premium Car Bag

Aurela ™ Premium Car Bag

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Create space

Every motorist recognizes the problem: the bag on the passenger seat that flies through the car. From now on, leave that passenger seat free and neatly store your valuables with the space-saving Aurela ™ Premium Car Bag.

Safety is paramount

The bag easily fits between passengers and driver's seat. This creates a Safe barrier where your children and / or pets cannot go through. This way you can focus entirely on the road without distraction while your things are neatly stored. Ideal!

Easy installation

The bag can be installed in any car with the handy elastic tires. Wrap it around the headrests between the seats. Your extra storage and barrier has been placed in no time. Remove it without difficulty when the bag is no longer needed


✅ Space-saving - Do not take a passenger seat more and from now on your stuff in that empty space between the seats.

✅ Safe barrier - Children and pets are no longer a distraction through this handy barrier.

✅ Waterproof - Easily clean the bag through the waterproof layer.

✅ Easy to install - Fits every car through the handy elastic tires with which you install the bag.


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