Mini vaccum machine
Mini vaccum machine
Mini vaccum machine

Mini vaccum machine

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Thanks to the compact design and portable format you can easily take it when traveling. Seal plastic bags whenever you want to save food for later. The Mini Plastic Bag Sealer is a bag saleston, food saver and refrigerator saver that is perfect for home or on the road. It is useful for catering because it can help food to store and save on spending!

Product features:

  • Keep your snacks fresh longer: through the unique bag system one slice of bread can stay fresh up to two weeks. Even crispy chips remains fresh for longer than with typical Zip Lock bags!
  • Heat sensors that have the perfect temperature for plastic
  • Fits in your pocket or use it at friends at home or for a party
  • Catering services like to use this because the food stays fresh as longer and saves you money.
  • Rechargeable
  • Portable
  • Save on storage bags
  • Works on plastic and foil bags
  • Also useful for paper bags
  • Life Hoods